Shamanic Journeys

The Shamanic Journey is a way of connecting with Spirit, with your higher self. The journey can help to illuminate the path for individuals and serve as a guidebook for living. The dream messages of non-ordinary reality are interconnected with everyday life.

Annabella conducts and articulates the journey. Visitors share with the interpretations. Shamanic Journeys are also done long distance via a pre-arrangement of time and the exchange of oil and paper. A follow-up drawing is prepared upon request. The journeys are always recorded for visitors either in writing or on tape.

Three individual Annabella journeys are posted here as examples. The Shamanic Journeys which Annabella did for herself helped her to grow big in Spirit. Following a cleansing, prayer and ritual each journey begins with an intention and a question. Information follows in the form of visual activity, sounds, symbols and metaphors. A drawing helps to clarify the images.

Who is Annabella and what is her medicine?

What can Annabella do to strengthen her self-esteem?

What is the next step in Annabella's healing process?

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