Shamanic Journey

Question: What can Annabella do to strengthen her self-esteem?

I set my intention to ask, What can Annabella do to strengthen her self-esteem? I went to the lower world. It was all red as I came out of the passage and into the meadow. The red color was in the sky and on the moon. There had been a fire burning and the moon was red.

There was much activity in the meadow. Bison was there and the horse and the tall white rabbit. The Chinese man and the American Indian brave with one feather both appeared. I asked my question three times, "What can Annabella do to strengthen her self-esteem?"

Everyone started to move towards a fluffy pink baby blanket with curled edges that had been spread on the grass. We all sat down together on the blanket. There was bison, horse, rabbit, the Chinese man, the American Indian and myself. The rabbit looked kind of funny sitting there on the blanket, I guess because he is quite tall.

Suddenly all of the animal and human shapes became imprinted upon the pink blanket. The blanket took the shape of a parachute, then it was an air balloon and it was holding me up as I moved across the sky.

Thank you, bison, horse, tall rabbit, Chinese man, American Indian brave and pink blanket.

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