Rose Chakra Flower Essences

In early 2003 I planted a family of fragrant old-fashioned roses. In Spring of 2004, the roses were well established and blooming. I began to make flower essences from seven of the roses choosing each rose to match as closely as possible the traditional colors of the seven chakras. I made each of the Rose Chakra Flower Essences on days when there was not a cloud in the sky and when each rose was just about to enter into full bloom.

To make the rose essences, I float petals in a crystal bowl filled with distilled water and expose the bowl to the sun. I do not crush or steam or shred these roses.

Through prayer and the gift of Shamanic Journey I visited the Spirit of each of the seven roses. I received and recorded information on the beneficial attributes of each rose in relation to each of the chakras.

With gratitude to the seven roses in the Rose Chakra Garden and with joy in my heart ... I offer these flower essences to you.

The beneficial qualities of the Rose Chakra Flower Essences were identified in Shamanic Journeys. A shortened version of each journey follows:

When working with a specific issue, a corresponding rose essence may be used repeatedly until the desired quality has been evoked.

Rose Essences and Chakras

Flower essences are widely used traditional remedies respected for their abilities to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This set of rose essences is unique in that each essence is in vibrational resonance with a human chakra. Every essence is attuned to one of the seven chakras, each of which hold certain qualities representing aspects of the self. And the qualities of each chakra are linked to a different color. A rose is chosen to correspond with both the color and qualities of each chakra. This set of rose essences provides a unique opportunity to summon forth the full experiential bounty of the chakras.

To decide which essence to use, match your current issues (emotional, physical, spiritual) to the attributes or qualities of one of the essences.

Rose Chakra Flower Essences are preserved in organic brandy and distilled water. They can be used up to 4 times daily by placing 2 to 4 drops in cold or warm water or directly under the tongue. They can also be applied topically in accordance with your specific needs.

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