Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a practice that begins with ritual, cleansing and prayer. It then shifts to a Shamanic Journey into non-ordinary reality seeking the Spirit of a particular plant.

Before embarking upon the Shamanic Journey, always in a natural setting, considerable time is spent building intimacy with a particular plant using a process of careful observation, of human awareness and of asking questions.

The plant is looked at closely. Where does it choose to grow? What is the neighborhood like? Is it alone or with family? Who are its friends? How does it come out of the earth? Does it look tall? Is it bushy? What is the shape of the leaf? How does it reflect the light? Where do the shadows fall? What else is there to notice about the plant?

Listening is very important. What kind of sounds do the branches and leaves make? Do the flowers sing? Is there a hum? Does the wind orchestrate the plant's vibrations? What can be heard when walking by? While sitting down to listen closely? Being still and paying attention are most helpful.

The sense of smell taps deeply into humankind's ancestral wisdom. Does the plant have a scent? Is it musky, dark, nocturnal? An essence of sweetness and light? Fragrance that comes in waves? Steady and smooth? Does the smell bring up a memory?

How does the plant taste? Is it juicy? Is it dry? Is it sour or sweet, bitter or salty? Does it have a pungent flavor? What happens to the tongue and the throat? Is it easy to swallow? Is it best not to?

What happens when the plant is touched? How does the plant respond? What physical sensations does it transmit? How does the plant feel between the hands? Against the face? By the lips? Under the feet? Next to the heart? Is it hot and warm or cold and cool? What direction does its energy come from? Is it East or West? North or South? Does the plant connect most with the sky or the earth? The moon or the sun? Does it feel soothing to touch? Does it repel?

Following this careful preparation the Shamanic Journey to Plant Spirit begins. The intention is set. "I want to meet with the Spirit of ... " "What is her gift?"

The journey is carefully attended, all details are recalled and documented. The knowledge disclosed by the Plant Spirit is greeted with respect and kept in strict confidence. It is to be used only for the highest good.

The information gained from the Shamanic Journey and the Plant Spirit found on that journey can be invoked again and again. Plant Spirits can be asked to give exactly what is needed.

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