Luna Fina's Poem and ...

One curious Monday night in the middle of July, Luna Fina was high up in the sky. Annabella picked up her three friends, the elders, for a game of cards. When all four were gathered in a circle Luna Fina opened up her mouth. She asked that Annabella present both her masculine and her feminine sides. Annabella did. Luna Fina's poem is about love and cards. It is a tribute to Annabella's friends -- Caterina, Antonietta and Stella. It is a reminder for Annabella to stay balanced and not forget her Ligurian roots.

Una bella serata di luglio
Quando la luna era ancora fina
Siamo andati a giocare le carte
Da la casa di Caterina.
Quella sera é stata una cosa
Di non credere
Che io e la mia compagna,
Abbiamo vinto quasi tutte
Le partite.
Caterina, Antonietta e Stella
Donne di Alpicella
Eccetto io, Annabella, mi chiamo
Ed il gioco del pidro lo amo.
On a beautiful July night
When the moon was still waxing
We went to play cards
At Caterina's house.
That night was Some-
Thing not to be believed
That myself and my
Partner, Antonietta,
Won almost every
Caterina, Antonietta and Stella,
Women from Alpicella
Except for myself, Annabella,
Is my name and the
Game of pidro I adore.

Listen to Annabella recite her poem. (Note: This may take a few minutes to download.)

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