Luna Fina's Lineage, Part 3
The Nexus

Annabella decided to look into another world. Maybe she could find Luna Fina there! To get to the other world Annabella had to go backwards. Slowly, slowly she went back, back to the early years. Annabella began to collect flowers and leaves. She put them in water in the light of the noonday sun. She began to sing. She created floral oils and healing salt mixtures. Annabella began to share her medicine by washing people's feet.

Annabella found she had the gift of journey. She began to ask for directions, "What is the next step along my path?" Power animals and spirit helpers became her guides. They started out by teaching Annabella love and respect for the spirit of all things and for herself. This was very hard work for Annabella but necessary if she was to connect again with Luna Fina.

One dark morning after a rain Annabella asked, "What have I been growing all winter long?" Her friend, the bison, came and said, "Corn." He showed Annabella a small lake in the shape of a heart with little shoots of green corn leaves sprouting up in the nearby earth.

Annabella packed her bag. She went from San Francisco to Mount Desert Island in Maine to look for the lake in the shape of a heart. The lake was there, down deep inside of Cadillac Mountain. Annabella began to cry. All the tears from all the years began to come out. They looked like kernels of corn.

The next day Annabella got up early. She went to a high hilltop so she could see the sunrise. When it was time to come back she found a beautiful herb garden. There was a woman in the garden. She was wearing a straw hat and her head was bent. She was picking catnip and putting it in a basket. When Annabella said "Good Morning" the woman raised her head. Annabella could see a pendant hanging over her heart. It was a piece of bone carved into the shape of the waxing moon. It was Luna Fina.

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