Luna Fina's Lineage, Part 2
The Hold

Annabella grew up to be a big girl. She got a weekend job at a flower shop making bouquets for visitors to take to their dearly departed who were at rest at one or another of the area's seventeen cemetaries. She would smell all of the cut flowers in the store. What made her feel the best was the wild scent of the green branches which were used in the center of the bouquets. It was coyote bush, it carried the light of Luna Fina.

Soon Annabella married. She gave birth to a beautiful son. Together they played in the earth. They collected pebbles and leaves and watched a black and white cat who liked to live in a fig tree.

Time became short for the little boy. A genetic flaw had been revealed. Annabella went about expanding the family to five so maybe the loss wouldn't feel so big. Luna Fina came to visit every month, to make sure that Annabella was still keeping the light. Annabella was.

One early morning in the middle of September when the moon was very, very full the family became four. Annabella was sad. In early October when Luna Fina was making her monthly rounds she couldn't find Annabella. All that Luna Fina could see was a brave smile hiding a numbing heart. Luna Fina went away and Annabella went to sleep.

Luna Fina stayed away for a long, long time. Annabella continued to present her beautiful smile to the world. She worked in social services. She was able to help people, she didn't know how to help herself.

A day came in the middle of March when there was no moon, the family became three. Annabella knew that she needed to find Luna Fina again. The sadness was getting deeper, Annabella was lost. Soon she found herself alone and the world had become dark.

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