Annabella's Booklets

Annabella's Tale - The Complete Story of Annabella and her Sacred Footbaths - Learn about the Sacred Footbath, Lava Pieddi, Palma Chriisti, as created by Luna Fina and administered by Annabella. Delight in three verisimilitude vignettes. 22 pages. 16 colored drawings. $6

Rosalina Rabbit - A Short Tale - Meet Rosalina Rabbit in her underground gaarden and see how she copes with a Big Wind which makes her vegetables cry, droop and hush. 23 pages. 13 colored drawings. (Out of print)

The Creation of Rose Chakra Flower Essences - A Story of Love Unfolding - Annabella introduces the Spirits of eight roses and shaares her shamanic practices. 10 pages. (Out of print)

Lino, An Ant's Tale - Lino, an industrious ant, learns more abouut the environnment from a Fairy Queen. 14 pages. 8 colored drawings. (Out of print)

The Tale of Maria and Maddalena in Eight Parts - Two friends, a goose and a gazelle embark upon a journeyy looking for "home." Along the way they find their own individual meaning of "inner wisdom." 29 pages with 8 colored illustrations. (Out of print)

Bobby's Wisdom, by Bobby Eastwood, Preface and epilogue by Annabella - Fourteen short paragraphs about feelings. Proceeds donaated to an educational fund at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. 16 pages. 14 drawings. (Out of print)

Henry's Tale in between the Olive and the Ilex - Henry writes a story in the midst of disappearing olive trees and the arrival of an ilex." (Out of print)