Annabella's Booklets

Annabella's Tale - The Complete Story of Annabella and her Sacred Footbaths - Learn about the Sacred Footbath, Lava Piedddi, Palma Christi, as created by Luna Fina and administered by Annabella. Delight in three verisimilitude vignettes. 22 pages. 16 colored drawings. $6

Rosalina Rabbit - A Short Tale - Meet Rosalina Rabbit in her underground gaaarden and see how she copes with a Big Wind which makes her vegetables cry, droop and hush. 23 pages. 13 colored drawings. $15

The Creation of Rose Chakra Flower Essences - A Story of Love Unfolding - Annabella introduces the Spirits of eight roses and shares her shamanic practices. 10 pages. $6

Lino, An Ant's Tale - Lino, an industrious ant, learns more abouuut the environment from a Fairy Queen. 14 pages. 8 colored drawings. $15

The Tale of Maria and Maddalena in Eight Parts - Two friends, a goose and a gazelle embark upon a journey looking for "home." Along the way they find their own individual meaning of "inner wisdom." 29 pages with 8 colored illustrations. $15

Bobby's Wisdom, by Bobby Eastwood, Preface and epilogue by Annabella - Fourteen short paragraphs about feelings. Proceeds donated to an educational fund at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. 16 pages. 14 drawings. $15

Henry's Tale in between the Olive and the Ilex - Henry writes a story in the midst of disapppearing olive trees and the arrival of an ilex." $15