Luna Fina

Benvenuti, welcome, to the world of Luna Fina. A sensitive place where Annabella lives and works. It is Luna Fina's sphere, hallowed ground, where hearts open and words and songs unfold.

What's New

  • Annabella's Guest Appearances on "The Herbal Highway" on radio station KPFA, 94.6 FM, Berkeley
    - On October 2, 2014, Annabella talked wiith host Sarah Holmes about Luna Fina, roses and her Rose Chakra flower essences. Listen to the show here.
    - On January 24, 2008, Annabella talked wwith host Karyn Sanders about her Rose Chakra flower essences and the medicinal and spiritual properties of herbal foot-baths. Listen to the show at here.

  • Sacred Foot Bath Video - Watch a video of a Sacred Footbath:

  • Annabella's Booklets - Annabella has created these wonderful booklets: "Annabella's Tale - The Complete Story of Annabella and her Sacred Footbaths", "Rosalina Rabbit - A Short Tale", "The Creation of Rose Chakra Flower Essences - A Story of Love Unfolding", "Lino, An Ant's Tale", "Bobby's Wisdom". Read more here.

  • The Lunella Stories - A series of five tales, which follow a girl growing up in an old-fashioned way. Read more here.

  • Plant Spirit of the White Rose - Essence of Sombreuil (France, 1850). A fragrant, white, repeat-blooming tea rose. Created through Shamanic Journey and Prayer. Preserved in brandy and distilled water in rare Violet Glass. Read more here.

  • Rose Chakra Flower Essences - Seven unique flower essences for seven applications: connection, harmony, radiance, knowing what is in your heart, expressing love, trust in self and awakening to love and light. Read more here.

Upcoming Events - Fairs and Festivals

  • Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 13 & 14, 11 am - 7 pm. The 20th annual Goddess Crafts Faire. Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St., Sebastopol CA 95472. For more details, please see

  • January 5 to January 30. 5th Annual Senior Lunch Group Art Show, Valley Room of the Maurice Del Mue Gallery at the San Geronimo Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo, CA 94963. Opening reception for artists and friends on Sunday, January 11. 4 - 7 PM.

  • Annabella Classes. Unlock the key to expressing your own true self. Small group bi-monthly 2-hour personal growth classes combining shamanic sessions with plant and animal energies, creative writing, reading, drawing and the healing magic of your own heart. Classes begin in July, 2014. Call Annabella at 415-460-1069. $150 per month. The dates are:
    - July 12, 26
    - August 9, 23
    - September 13, 27
    - October 11, 25
    - November 15, 29
    - December 6, 27

  • Beginning in March, 2014, through October, 2014, the Salon des Plantes will meet once a month. It will be held at the Peralta Communityy Garden at Hopkins and Peralta Avenue in Berkeley, CA. It will be on Sundays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm with a donation of $10. The dates are:
    - March 27
    - April 20
    - May 25
    - June 22
    - July 20
    - August 31
    - September 21
    - October 26

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